Welding in Pink!


My first thought when I stumbled upon the following website was: “PINK!!”  Just like that – all caps.

I had just found the homepage of Charm and Hammer, a website dedicated to “safety gear for the hard working woman™.  It has everything you could ever want or need in a work environment.


Safety goggles?  Check.

Welding gloves?  Check.

Hot pink toolbelt?  Definitely check!

I swear that if you counted, at least 75% percent of the products on that website are pink!  And they aren’t ashamed of it!


They also feature products from two different companies, of which I am also a fan:

Rosie’s Workwear for Women and

Tomboy Tools.

The former makes lovely overalls and coveralls AND the t-shirt to the left (which I was very tempted to order — after all, we here at Carmen Electrode can never get enough of Rosie!)  The latter — well, where else would you go to find pink power tools?!?

You guys (er, girls) have to check these sites out – your work wardrobe may never be the same again!

However, if pink is not your thing (like maybe you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb on the work site),  check out the

AngelFire™ Gear at Arc-Zone.com –>

We carry this state of the art line of welding gear for women, inlcuding the Firefly™ TIG gloves, made especially for women, all in a nice chocolate brown.


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