Know-How’s and How-To’s


Today is all about the know-how or the how-to, or really, any compound word with a hyphen in between.  But I’ll let your imagination run wild with that.  

We have found another group of sites made specifically for women, by women all about mechanical know-how: one for motorcycles and two for cars.

The first is Garage Girls, “An Intuitive Guide to Motorcylces for Women” and I absolutely love it.  They have how-to info, advice, news, personal stories, pet stories, and just-for-fun articles all related to motorcycles.

The second and third, the ones related to automotive “know-how” are actually interrelated.  Ladies, Start Your Engines is a site created by Lori Johnson who conducts car repair classes specifically for women in the Pennsylvannia area.  She is also a go-to expert on Ask Patty, an interactive website where women can give and recieve automotive advice through blogs, webcasts, forums, and the like.


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