“Training the Trainers”


Curious as to how one recruits women and encourages them to stay in IT classes and careers?  We have the workshop for you!  Sponsored by WomenTech, it’s a two day intensive seminar that gives educators strategiesto do exactly that.

28th National WomenTech Educators 

Train-the-Trainer Workshop 

July 23 & 24, 2009

We are encouraging institutions to register as teams with our special low cost group rates so that they will have assistance in implementation when they return home. Bring a team of technology instructors, math teachers, counselors, administrators and school-to-career and tech-prep coordinators.

Strategies that work! Learn “How To” Recruit & Retain Women and Girls in the Technology Classroom this semester and train others.

Strategies that work! Here is some breaking news from the nation’s expert on preparing women and girls for technology careers…



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