Don’t tell THIS Woman Welder No!


When a part-timer didn’t show up for work one day, Nelda said she could handle the welding job–but her husband (owner of Red’s Muffler shop in Urbana, Ill) told her NO.

She ignored him and she’s been welding on the job ever since!  For 35 years!


A steady hand at welding — and in all of life’s endeavors

by Melissa Merli, The News-Gazette

URBANA — Many first-time customers at Red’s Muffler Shop are surprised to see a woman in one of the two bays, cutting and welding parts in exhaust systems.

Particularly older male customers. Some say they don’t want a woman working on their car or truck.

One man like that was really mad when he saw Nelda Shaw working on his truck.

Later, he returned to Red’s, apologized to Nelda and told her he wanted her to work on his truck again…. CONTINUE READING ONLINE–>


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