Next Generation of Women Welders


Fabricator and t.v. personality Jessi Combs (featured on this blog in 2008) continues to inspire women to get into welding as a career at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA.  The college recently held an event, Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW), to introduce women to a variety of career options from automotive, drafting and engineering, to welding.

leftquoteIn the Welding lab, girls bent metal into vases and welded the sides together, attached a metal flower in the vase and then painted them. The girls also connected via Skype with Jessi Combs, welder, fabricator and television personality appearing on All Girls Garage and Overhaulin’ as a host and ‘A-Team’ hybrid member on the Velocity Channel. Combs encouraged the girls and told them that there are fantastic opportunities in welding although they need to be prepared for some chauvinism.

“Being a fabricator is fun, amazing and empowering but you’ll need to put on your thick skin to face opposition on a daily basis,” said Combs. “You can accomplish anything, if you are focused and determined, believe in yourself, and get education and certifications that will give you confidence.”

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How are you inspiring women to get into welding?  What advice would you offer?



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