TIG Welding Titanium

Arc-Zone's Large Nozzle Gas Saver
Arc-Zone’s Large Nozzle Gas Saver

Over and over the advice I hear for women welders is that it is important to be the best welder you can be, and always be learning.  Actually this is good advice no matter what industry you’re working in! But we know in an industry dominated by men, many who think that we can’t do it….  we have to constantly prove ourselves.

Anyway, one skill that can be valuable is TIG Welding Titanium.  Titanium is a popular metal to use because it is light weight, yet strong and very resistant to corrosion.  It is popular in marine welding applications for its anti-corrosion properties and popular in defense and aerospace because of it is light weight.

To weld titanium well what you need is attention to detail, patience, and knowledge, and I wanted to share some resources to get you started.

First, check out this welding video playlist our friends over at Arc-Zone.com  put together on YouTube:

And over at Arc-Zone.com, Jim Watson has put together a technical white paper on TIG Welding Titanium, which you can download…  here are some highlights:

Quality TIG Welded titanium starts with properly prepared materials.  Not only do you need to remove contaminants from the surface of the material to be welded, you need to store parts in a clean and dry area–including your welding wire.

Your hands need to be clean and you need to use lint-free gloves when handling materials–avoid rubber gloves because they may contain chlorine which can contaminate your materials.

When preparing your metal, use a stainless steel brush that is only used for titanium to avoid cross contamination from other welding projects.

Quality TIG Welded titanium starts with a proper environment.  You want to weld in an area free of drafts that can draw oxygen and other contaminants into your weld zone.

Quality TIG Welded titanium starts with quality equipment and TIG welding accessories.  Use a wide TIG Nozzle with a gas lens to ensure best gas coverage, a trail shield, and make sure all the fittings and supply hoses, torch insulators, and o-rings have been checked for proper fit and leaks.  And buy your gas from a trusted supplier!

In addition to the TIG Welding white paper (.pdf) Arc-Zone carries a comprehensive line of purge gas equipment, from oxygen sensors to highly engineered shield gas accessories and purge chambers so you can weld titanium like a pro!

Arc-Zone also offers the best TIG torches on the market, and the best selection of accessories to customize your torch for your welding application.



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