TIG Torch (March) Madness!


In honor of March TIG Torch Madness Month, I thought I’d do a roundup of our best posts about TIG Torches.


Selecting the Right TIG Torch. Do you need an air-cooled or water-cooled TIG Torch?  How many amps?  Should you go all out and get the most amperage, the biggest TIG Torch?  This article will get you started in the right direction.  Of course you can always call the folks at Arc-Zone.com for guidance based in your welding application.

The Basics of Hooking Up Your TIG Torch  Want to know which hose goes where?  Do you need a small DINSE or a large DINSE plug?  Check out this article.

And don’t forget about The $4 Upgrade to your TIG Torch that will Improve your TIG Welding immensely and how to Improve your GTAW in 3 Easy Steps.

TIG Welding Titanium is a primer on welding a metal that many consider “finicky” and some recommendations on how to maximize your TIG torch with the right accessories to WELD LIKE A PRO!.

TIG Torch posts from Joe Welder:

TIG Torch Materials:  What’s the Difference? information on the differences in manufacturing and materials between quality TIG Torch manufacturers like CK Worldwide and Weldcraft, and the knock-offs….

What IS a TIG Torch Package? a round up of all the options from Standard torch packages to Premium torch packages and the Arc-Zone PRO TIG torch packages….

Logo for Crafter Series TIG Torch from WeldcraftAnd finally, for a little history, check out Joe Welder, American Chopper, and the evolution of the TIG torch.

Happy TIG Torch Madness month!


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