Jim Welding at FABTECHHey guys, my name is Jim Watson AKA “Joe Welder” founder of Arc-Zone.com, Inc. 

My motorsports background drove me to learn and develop design, fabrication and machining skills. Specialized skills and attention to details are key to wining in racing.  Those valuable skills also lead me to a job as the Director of Manufacturing for Weldcraft Products one of the finest welding equipment companies in the world. . . I had the opportunity to work with a great team and we developed many of the most popular TIG torches and accessories used today.  

I was 19 years old when I set up my first race car fabrication shop in my parents garage.  I quickly learned that the quality tools I wanted were not available from local suppliers.  That was the spark to start Arc-Zone.com!  I dedicated myself to learning about how to start and run a successful company, and applied what I learned to my career building welding equipment for a leading company. 

When I resigned and took the step to build my own company,  I thought the internet was a great way to connect with customers around the world and learn what they needed, and how to make quality tools easier to get.  That was the foundation for launching Arc-Zone.com in 1998 – the first full eCommerce welding equipment company in the world, that is focused on quality tools and expert technical service. 

Thanks for reading and I hope we can help you step up your metal fabrication game and build a quality future for you and your family!

For The Record:
1. I am the CEO and Founder of Arc-Zone.com®, Inc, CarmenElectrode.com™ and JoeWelder.com
2. My companies distribute some of the products that will be mentioned in this Blog.
3. Besides JoeWelder.com and CarmenElectrode.com, you might be interested in the Metal Mashup, our industry newsletter packed with innovative products, industry insight, and fabricator features.

To learn more about Arc-Zone®, read our history here and be sure to follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for a daily glimpse into the #weldlife!


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