Tungsten Electrode Grinding Safety

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We’re getting more and more calls from weld shop foremen as well as job site and safety managers telling us that they have to find a solution to grinding tungsten electrodes. Many tell us they’ve used bench grinders, belt sanders or side grinders for years- But, they all say the same thing – either someone got hurt, or they almost did.

Think about it– you’re trying to hold the tungsten to the wheel or belt and rotate it, sounds simple, but what happens is that the tungsten gets real hot real quick, and if you lose your grip, the tungsten rotates around the wheel and shots back toward the operator like a rocket– not good when it’s a hot, pointed, fast-moving object!

Of course once a shop upgrades to a dedicated tungsten grinder they will immediately benefit from improved welding performance, better quality welds, less tungsten electrode waste and of course a safer weldshop!

Check out our line up of tungsten grinders. Arc-Zone.com(tm) offers one for every application and budget, from reasonably priced Sharpie(tm) hand-held tungsten sharpeners– great for in the weld shop or in the field– to robust bench-top tungsten grinders for precision, repeatable grind angles. We even have tungsten sharpeners with integrated dust collection.


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