The Right TIG Torch for the Job at Hand

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Getting the right TIG Torch is important, but all too often TIG welders either stick with the package that came with their machine –often a general purpose WP-17 TIG torch, or a heavy duty WP-26 torch— which may or may not be the right torch. Or, a TIG welder may be relying on information from their local gas supplier….

This morning I got a call from Aubrey, a small business owner in Virginia. He was looking for a torch to weld roll cages in sport import cars. He told me the local supplier was not helpful, and expensive. “We drove over to the AirGas and they showed us a [picture of a] torch,” he said. He arranged to buy the torch, but by the time he and his welder got back to the shop “they called and changed the part, then the price, so I said ‘forget it’ then I went to Google.”

Aubrey found us online and called. “We need to talk to someone who understands what we are doing, and make a suggestion,” he said.

This is just the kind of customer we like–a great opportunity to get someone the right torch.

Weldcraft WP-24FV TIG Torch BodyThe first thing I suggested was either the WP-24-25-Pro or the WP-24F-25-PRO. (note: the WP-24FV is pictured here)

The WP-24 TIG torch body has a low profile and is easy to maneuver. Rated at 80 Amps, this air-cooled front loading torch has a 60* degree head. As an PRO package, it comes with the teflon nozzle gasket, a Number 6 (3/8″) gas nozzle, 1/16″ Collet and Collet Body, Pre-Ground 1/16″ ArcTime Hyperformance Rare Earth Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrode and 25′ (7.6m) One Piece FeatherLite(tm) Flexible Rubber Power Cable.

Bottom line, it’s Ready-to-Weld™

Aubrey was even more excited when I told him he could go with a water cooled TIG torch. “I thought I had to buy a new machine, and I can’t afford that right now,” he said.

There are a few options for upgrading, the least expensive being to hook right up to city water– with about thirty bucks worth of the the right hoses and fittings. Next option would be to purchase a water cooler (or build your own). You can also buy a ready-made welding water cooler, like one of the ones we have at , or go with the Cool Kit™ (pictured here). Finally, your expensive option would be to purchase a new machine with an integrated water cooler.

“I thought [water cooled TIG torches] were big and heavy,” he said.

Because of the technology of water cooling, the torches are actually more powerful, can run more amperage, and they’re smaller.

“Hook me up!” he said.

If you want to hook you up with the right TIG torch for your job, give us a call: 800-944-2243 (US) 760-931-1500 (worldwide) or check out our selection of TIG torches, IN STOCK and ready to go!


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