TIG Welding in a Tight Spot

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I got a call from Brad in North Carolina who was in a jam and needed a torch body right away. “I’ve been waiting for it for two weeks from our local supplier and now the job is way behind schedule,” he said.

Weldcraft WP-18 TIG TorchA lot of local suppliers carry only the basics and not a full range of TIG torches. After all, they make most of their money selling gas.

Sometimes a fabricator needs something special like a Weldcraft® WP-18SP— a water-cooled TIG torch with a 180 degree head to reach a tight spot, the torch Brad was looking for.

“Depending on your budget you may just want to purchase a torch body,” I said. I recommended he just buy the torch body and add it to his existing Weldcraft® WP-18-25-R.

“You can do that?” he asked.

I told him that connecting a torch to a cable set is fairly easy and very cost effective.

WP-20 TIG TorchAnother option, if you have a WP-20-25-R TIG torch (the most popular TIG torch on the planet) and you have a restricted space application, you could buy the 180 Amp water cooled front loading torch (WP-24W) which will connect right up to your WP-20 cable set.

Most fabricators prefer to have at least three TIG torches in their quiver: a primary TIG torch, at least one specialty torch like a micro-TIG torch (WP-125) for restricted space applications, and one general purpose torch like a WP-9 as a back-up.

It’s important to have the right tool for the job at hand and why wait around when you can get what you need now from Arc-Zone.com? Our business is based on providing the tools so metal fabricators can get on with the business of welding. We stock a wide variety of Weldcraft® TIG Torches and TIG Torch accessories, including specialty TIG torches like the air cooled WP-50 micro-TIG or the low profile water-cooled WP-24W.


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