When Your Weld Really Matters

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Some of you may have noticed we have a new addition to the Arc-Zone.com team, and if you’ve called recently you may have spoken to Tim.

Tim -- Catchin' some air

Tim knows a lot about welding– specifically the importance of a strong weld. Tim does some xteme BMX bike riding (pictured above). The kind of riding where a good, strong weld is important, and could mean the difference between some serious fun and a trip to the ER.

“I just came up short and snapped the frame,” says Tim. Fortunately Tim wasn’t hurt bad.

Tim says 90% of this kind of riding is in your mind, convincing your body to do what seems impossible. Having equipment that you can rely on makes that much easier. And the impact of breaking the headstock off of his BMX frame made it that much more profound.

“Once that happens it takes you a while to trust your frame again,” he says.

Tim ended up switching manufacturers after that. He now rides a Fit bike. With its 20 in. diameter wheels, and precision TIG welded 4130 chrome molly steel frame it’s perfect for the type of xtreme BMX riding Tim likes to do.

Tim brings more to the Arc-Zone team than a great story and some cool pics. Tim has an extensive background in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. And a good dose of Midwestern work ethic.

“I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of Miller beer and welders,” he proudly says.

And if you want to really see him in action, check out this YouTube video:


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