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How does your structural steel shop measure up?  The Fabricator magazine has some helpful guidelines that you can use to see whether or not your shop hits the mark.

1. How close can your drilling operations get to 50 inches per minute?

2. Can you claim material handling costs of less than $50 every time you move a beam?

3. Can your plasma cutting system deliver a cut with a tolerance of 0.010 in.?

4. Can your software packages accommodate the use of CAD models to generate CNC codes automatically?
Read on to find out more about how your answers affect the life of your shop:

Technologies help to make shops structurally sound

4 benchmarks your operations need to beat

By Michael Bishop, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Peddinghaus Corp.
Photo courtesy of Peddinghaus Corp.

Tough economic conditions have hit the construction industry as hard as they have many other industries. These problems in commercial construction are affecting structural steel fabricators. New technologies are especially benefiting four important structural steel fabricating processes by reducing labor costs. These represent some of the bigger developments in recent years.


At we’re always on the lookout for new business opportunities and ways to streamline operations… what are YOUR best tips for streamlining operations? and How are YOU weathering the economy?


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