Welding in the Army

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Ever since that article on Spc Ryan Thomas (Part Soldier, part MacGyver) I’ve been thinking about welding in the Army so I plugged into the US Army public affairs division online and started searching…   realizing there must be some pretty amazing metal fabrication going on out there keeping soldiers safe.  Check this out:

Tobyhanna sharpens Talon armament

Apr 26, 2010

By Anthony Ricchiazzi

(Photo Credit: Steve Grzezdzinski)

Story Highlights

  • The Talon Hermit Robot Deployment System is used for route clearing, mine detection, vehicle inspections and route surveillance.
  • Employees are fabricating several kits in a quick-reaction effort for the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command.
  • Finished kits are sent to the center for assembly and shipped to Southwest Asia.

You can read the full article on the US Army website…

And if you know of any men or women utilizing their welding skills in any of the military services, let me know! We’d be honored to feature them here on JoeWelder.com.


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