Product Spotlight: Gas Saver Kits

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You’ve probably seen the clear Pyrex (R) nozzles you can put on your TIG Torch.  To be honest when we first saw them, we thought they were nothing more than a cool party trick….

These nozzles come with a gas lens collet set up to provide optimal coverage, coherent gas flow, and minimal turbulance–  great for welding metals like titanium or stainless steel where oxygen contamination in your weld zone can ruin your weld.  And the clear nozzle offer great visibility.  It’s way more than a party trick.

These nozzles are the brainchild of the folks over at CK Worldwide, well-respected TIG torch  engineers who got their start in the aerospace industry.  And these nozzles will not only work on CK TIG Torches, but on all major brands of TIG torches  (Weldcraft, Weldtec, TecTorch, Radnor, BestWelds, Master TIG, Profax, etc.)

Deluxe Gas Saver Pro Kit for the 9, 20, or CS310 TIG Torch

At Arc-Zone, we’ve assembled  PRO Kits from the Deluxe Gas Saver Pro Kit that has everything you need for your 9/20/CS3210 series TIG Torch, to the Standard Diameter Gas Saver Pro Kits for your 17/18/and 26 series TIG Torch. These kits come with everything you need to Weld Like A PRO(tm)!

Not only do you get a box full of accessories for a variety of TIG  welding applications, you get a TIG Welding calculator you take with you on the job as well as several of our popular articles like  “Joe Welders Guide to Optimizing your TIG Torch.”


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