Some of the Coolest Welding Art You’ll Ever See!

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At Arc-Zone, we’re continually amazed at the cool things people are doing with welding torches and equipment.  Vigallart is a 3D Metal Sculpture artist. cello

They’re located out in Joshua Tree and they’re making by far the coolest metal welding sculptures you’ve ever seen.  And they’re all made by welding stainless steel and aluminum pieces which is of course, right up Joe Welder’s alley.

Ric’s daughter Molly actually contacted us because they had been having problems with their plasma torch arcing inside the torch head.  We hooked them up with a brand new torch head and consumables so they could keep churning out more of their amazing metal art.

Ric Vigallon has created some of the most stunning metal art you’ll ever see.  Each piece is hand-made by Ric and he specializes in custom orders.  They have shown their work at festivals all over California, so if you get the chance definitely check them out.  You can see more of their metal art art over at their online gallery.  And if you need supplies for your plasma arc welding station, including plasma arc welding torches, performance proven replacement parts and even consumables like tungsten electrodes—  Arc-Zone has got you covered.


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