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Ramon over at Headway Performancein NY has been trying to get a system dialed in to allow him to do all his cylinder head and manifold welding in-house.  He had been farming all his welding out, which meant he had no control over how or when it was going to be done.

After going online and browsing around various welding forums and message boards, he heard about Arc-Zone, and that we hooked guys like him up with the good stuff.  He ended up contacting us and he bought the whole enchilada from Arc-Zone– a complete TIG welding system to connect directly to his Miller Syncrowave 350 TIG welding machine.

Ramon got a CK Worldwide flexable head, 250 amp Water Cooled TIG Torch with SuperFlex cables and cable cover and a Weldcraft Crafter Series 310 Amp Water Cooled TIG Torch.  He chose the Binzel CoolMate Style Water Cooler, and to get the most out of his TIG Torches, we set him up with the Arc-Zone Deluxe Gas Saver Pro Kit, one of our Pro Series Accesory Kits.  Plus Ramon got a variety 1lb tubes in all the popular TIG rod alloys. Now when it comes to high-quality TIG welding– there’s not much he can’t do with his new set up!

As you can see, the guys over at Headway are doing some serious manifold development and airflow and swirl testing.

You can see a picture of HeadWay’s flow bench here:


Some of their accomplishments are remarkable as well:

– 1600 horsepower Twin Turbo 3.0L I6 – Toyota 2JZ

– 1025 wheel horsepower Turbo 3.2L I6 – BMW S52

– 370 horsepower Naturally Aspirated 2.3L I4 – Team Mopar

– 8000 horsepower Funny Car Engine – Cylinder Head Development

– 960 horsepower 358CI V8 – Pro Stock Truck

– Participated in early stages of development for the 680 horsepower @ 10.5k RPM

4L V8 – Indy Aurora and Infiniti Engine

If you need help setting up your new– or improving on your existing welding system, or you have any questions about Arc-Zone products you might need to get the most of of your welding operations, feel free to contact us anytime.


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