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Arc-Zone.com is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality tungsten grinding machines engineered to improve weld-quality and safety for TIG and Plasma Arc Wedling. We deliver and support the best quality machines from a variety of global manufacturers, offering a wide range of machines from our own Sharpie(tm) hand-held grinders great for the welding hobbyist to portable and bench top machines for the garage, production shop floor or job site.

Not too long ago we identified an opportunity to innovate the industry by introducing a line of low-impact recyclable diamond grinding wheels for our line up of production tungsten grinding machines and we found a local manufacturer that we thought was going to benefit our customers in terms of price and quality. Unfortunately, when we received the first production run, they were not at all what we expected, and did not match our agreed upon production standards. In business sometimes you need to take the product to market and perfect it based on customer feedback. So we shipped some of the “new style” low-impact recyclable wheels to a select group of customers. And let me tell you, we heard about it straight away. First off the wheels looked completely different and did not have the bright nickle plated finish that they were used to, most people thought they were cheap imports! We even lost a few customers, and it will take some time to get them back.

Since then, we’ve been working with an established world-class manufacturer right here in the U.S. of A — and we are very happy with them, and the wheels are absolutely the finest available. We’ve also done a lot of research and tested these wheels so that they meet the stringent requirements and the needs of our customers.   In fact, take a few minutes and read the Technical Focus Sheet on Grinding Tungsten Electrodes with Diamond Wheels (.pdf) that I put together. The paper includes information on dry grinding, wet grinding, types of wheels and tips for maximizing your wheel’s life.

Now we are able to supply the highest-quality replacement diamond wheels for all your tungsten grinding machines. It’s great to be able to offer a superior quality product, at a fair price, and best of all they are made in the U.S.A.

Don’t buy the misleading advertising other companies are doing, they charge up to $299.00 per wheel – for a cheap import wheel from China (that they pay $35.00 for) — That’s Ridiculous. At Arc-Zone.com® we supply the highest-quality wheels Made In the USA for a lower price — That’s Ridiculously Awesome!

Wheel Core Exchange™
Arc-Zone.com® now offers a Wheel Core Exchange program for your spent diamond grinding wheels! Return your worn-out diamond grinding wheels to Arc-Zone.com, and we’ll give you a $25.00 discount on a new wheel purchase or a store credit (applies to new wheels $100.00 or more). By returning your used wheels, you’ll reduce the environmental impact of discarded diamond grinding wheels. Better still, you’ll reduce the impact on your wallet!

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Tungsten Electrode Grinders

We stock wheels for all populartungsten electrode grinders – Sharpie™, Turbo Ace, Super Turbo, Turbo-4, Radnor, Weldmark®, OKI, Best Welds, Abicor Binzel®, Diamond Ground Products Piranha II, Piranha III and DGP*, Neutra, Neutrix, Ultima TIG and Black Gold, Weldcraft® (formerly Georg Fisher +GF+ ESG Plus) Pro-Fusion Sharp Shooter, Intercon TIG 10/175, CK Worldwide® TurboSharp V and more! Custom diamond grinding wheels available by request.

For automated TIG and Plasma Arc Welding applications where minimizing variables is imperative, consider Arc-Zone’s Custom Pre-Ground Tungsten Electrode Program. We offer precision pre-ground electrodes prepared to your exact specifications from tip geometry to ground or polished finish. And for high production environments we even offer a blanket purchase order option so we’ll always have your electrodes in stock and ready to ship to you when you need them. Additionally, we offer a RE-grinding service that will save you and your organization valuable time and money!

If you have any questions about which diamond wheel you need, the tungsten grinder that will work best with your budget and your application, or to find out if you would benefit from our pre-ground program, contact an Arc-Zone.com technical expert today!

*Arc-Zone.com®, Inc. is not affiliated with some of the companies referenced. We supply high quality replacement parts manufactured by or for Arc-Zone.com® to demanding specifications. The parts are engineered to be interchangeable with OEM parts, are not OEM parts and are not endorsed by some of our friends listed above.

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