Welding Aluminum Questions?

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Happened upon a great article –really informative–about welding aluminum over at The Fabricator.  We get lots of calls from customers trying to weld aluminum, and wondering what the best way to go about it is.  This article answers many common questions about welding aluminum:

By Matt Tavernelli

The reactive nature of aluminum to the welding arc, which is much more pronounced than that of other base materials, presents many challenges, including excess heat input and burn-through, porosity, poor bead appearance, poor fusion, and cracking.  Technology advancements have made tackling these challenges easier by providing a balance of high travel speeds with a narrow, focused arc.


And for anything you need to start welding aluminum, be sure to head over to Arc-Zone.com, where we’ve got all types of  TIG rod available, as well as TIG consumables and TIG torches.


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