Some Holiday Cheer From Our Neighbors to the North!

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Got a nice note from one of our Canadian customers recently, and he brought up an issue a lot of customers in Canada seem to have when shipping with UPS.  Robert McGowan writes:

love your site and products.  tried to order from the miller store but they will only ship united parcel service and they charge us canadians a huge border clearing charge.  thank you for shipping to your neighbors in the north by postal service. just placed an order.  Merry Christmas to all the staff.  R McGowan

Mr. McGowan echoes a frustration we often hear from our great customers to the North.  UPS will routinely charge an arm and a leg just to clear any shipment through customs.  While our preferred shipping method is UPS Ground, we can also ship your way:  to your freight forwarder for an international delivery, via the U.S Postal Service, DHL, or FedEx.  We can even bill your account.  We at Arc-Zone are happy to ship any way our customers want.  If you want your Tungsten Electrodes delivered via carrier pigeon, we’ll make that happen for you.

And if you’re a Canadian customer or a customer from anywhere else in the world looking for Tig Torches, parts or accessories, Arc-Zone has got you covered.  We’ve got MIG guns and parts, plasma parts and nearly everything else you’ll need to Weld Like A PRO(tm).


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