5 Holiday Gifts For Welders

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At Arc-Zone.com we’ve come up with a list of the best gifts for welders, from safety gear to tools for the pro welder in your life.

1. Gifts To Keep Your Welder Safe

Safety first!  Our Pro Gear Package for welders comes with the essentials to help prevent against any potential welding associated accidents. This can be the perfect gift for a welding student or a welding pro who needs an upgrade on their welding safety gear.

Arc-Zone Pro Gear Package

The Pro Gear Package includes:

  • Stylish flame-resistant BSX™
  • the Striker Jacket
  • the FireRag™ doo-rag
  • Two pairs of matching gloves: One specifically designed for TIG and the other for MIG
  • Top-of-the-line anti-fog safety glasses
  • TIG Welding tungsten stick-out gauge
  • Joe Welder’s popular TIG Welding tips and tricks
  • Complete set of slide-rule welding calculators

2. Oxy-Fuel Gifts For Welders

Next we have the Oxy-Fuel Torch Packages which are great gifts for welders. And guess what? These packages are already decked out with Holiday colors to help bring out the merry spirit.

Arc-Zone Oxy-Fuel Torch Package

We carry the most complete line of “Little” or  “Micro” Oxy-Acetylene and Propane welding products designed for heating, brazing and welding applications. If you’re a handy welder you can even create your own jewelry as a gift with this specialized package.

Shop Oxy-Fuel Torch Packages Now

3. Gift Books & DVDs For Welders

With Arc-Zone’s How-To Fabricating DVDs welders have access to some of the best welding tips from master craftsmen like Ron Covell and Steve Bleile and our  coffee table books like American Hot Rod and Dream Garages offer inspiration.

Arc-Zone Metal Fabrication Books and DVDs

We gathered this collection on Arc-Zone because we think they are the best in the industry. Our books and DVDs will be sure to inspire you and get you testing these new fabricating techniques in the shop.

Shop Metal Fabrication Books and DVDs Now

4. Tungsten Grinding Gifts For Welders

The Sharpie SD and the Sharpie DX tungsten electrode grinders are great gifts for TIG Welders–the perfect Pro-Hobby grinders that offer a lot of bang for the buck and are extremely easy to use—not to mention easy to hold.  Check out our video review of the two Sharpie models:


The standard model (SD) produces a fixed grind angle of 20 degrees; whereas the deluxe model (DX) can be easily adjusted for grind angles from 15 to 45 degrees.  While 20 degrees is a versatile angle to have on your electrodes, having the capability to change that angle is a valuable tool.  That’s why we’d recommend outfitting a welder who’s working out in the field with the Standard model, but for our own work shop we would use the Deluxe model.

The Sharpie SD and Sharpie DX Both:

  • Cut
  • Tip-Flat
  • Grind consistently
  • Grind up to eighth inch electrodes

5. The Easiest Gift For Welders

If all else fails and you have no idea what to get as a gift for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with a gift card -We just brought these back due to popular demand!

Arc-Zone Holiday Gift Cards For Welders

Our holiday gift cards give the metal fabricator in your life the opportunity to get the tools and equipment that not only will keep them safe, but take their skills to another level!

Shop Arc-Zone Holiday Gift Cards Now

Above all, happy holidays to all of our welders out there!

Good welding,

Joe Welder

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Photo Credit of Covell DVD: mittlerbros.com


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