Procon Pumps For Your Welding Water Cooler

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Everything you need to know about Pumps for your Welding Water Cooler

Procon Coolant pump for welding water coolersYou probably know that Procon(R) coolant pumps are pretty much the industry standard for welding water coolers.  But a quick search for “coolant pump” or even “Procon pump” on google, or eBay and you’ll soon be overwhelmed with choices.  And in fact, you may be tempted to buy an inexpensive pump – but beware.  That inexpensive pump on eBay could in fact be a beverage dispenser pump with a default setting of 250 PSI. Which can blow out the small passages in your TIG torch.  And it won’t be the best pump for your welding needs for other reasons…

Arc-Zone sells Procon pumps that are new, refurbished, and engineered for welding applications.  The pumps include an inlet strainer that keeps particles out of the pump and out of the TIG torch – particles that can clog up passages in your TIG torch that allow water to flow through and cool your torch.  The Procon pumps for welding applications also come preset at 60 PSI, the standard for MIG welding.  NOTE:  the recommended setting  for TIG welding is 50 PSI.  Arc-Zone also ships new and professionally refurbished Procon pumps with all the parts you need to get your welding cooler back up and running:  v-band mounting clamp, tang shaft drive, and set up instructions.

Check out this video we did a while back explaining all of this:

Another reason to buy from is our Core Exchange program. You can send in your used Procon pump and get a $25 credit towards you replacement pump! (You may be able to get credit for your Plasma Arc Welding torch, foot pedals, and diamond grinding wheels as well!)


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