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hernan_luis_y_pradoI first met Hernán Luis y Prado when he called to order some welding goods from us.  I had no idea that 4 years later he would be opening a non profit organization in the San Diego area, and being honored by the White House as a Champion for Change! (THIS is why we love our customers–they are amazing!)

WorkShops For Warriors was founded by Hernán (a veteran of the U.S. Navy himself) to give back to the men and women that have served our country, many who leave the military with great skills but without the civilian-recognized certifications to get them the good jobs they deserve.

Located in downtown San Diego, Workshops for Warriors offers a complete metal working shop rigged up with all the equipment, and they have volunteers who teach, but like any nonprofit (Workshops for Warriors is a registered 501(c)(3) organization) they could use more help so they can continue to do the great work they’re doing.

Donations appreciated–they offer these classes at no cost to the veterans.

“Over 70 of our veterans have earned 157 certificates and have been placed in manufacturing companies. We enjoy a 100% success and placement rate,” said Luis y Prado. “Once our full funding target is reached, we will be able to graduate more than 950 veterans each year.”

The program also offers some real life, hands-on experience for these veterans.   They’ve done welding projects like fabricating handicap railings and accessibility ramps, fabricating metal cylinder pallets, and new doors for a local restaurant.


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