Review: Miller Digital Elite welding helmet

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In the ULTIMATE Weld Shop TIGGing some aluminum
In the ULTIMATE Weld Shop TIGGing some aluminum

It’s National Safety Month so I thought it would be a great time to let you know what I think about my Miller welding helmet.

There’s a lot to like about the Miller Digital Elite welding helmet, and not just the fancy paint job from Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan! I like the shape and design–it’s well-proportioned and the contours of the shell fit just right. There’s a reason the new Miller head gear has become legendary when it comes to comfort and adjust-ability. The helmet and head gear is light and easy to put on and easy to wear for long periods of time if needed.

In the past (15 years ago) people would rave about the old Huntsman brand welding helmets (now part of the Jackson line). They were known for the most comfortable head gear. In fact they ran ad campaigns in the major trade journals– full-page ads of the two Hunstman brothers wearing their helmets in the most ridiculous places –like playing golf! The tag line was “It’s so comfortable, I forgot I had it on” Every month in the trade journals there would be a new ad. It was a crack up waiting to see what those guys would do next!

I’m not sure of the lens speed of my Miller helmet, but I can tell you that the digital lens technology is engineered to be reliable and the quality of the components are top notch. That’s what really differentiates the digital helmet lenses. The cheap ones work cheaply (is that a word?) I don’t know, but I do know when it comes to digital welding helmet lens technology — You Get What You Pay For!

Practical Welding Today coverIt seems that recently we’ve been seeing a lot pancake welding helmets. Check out the January/February 2013 cover from Practical Welding Today, and the Pipeliner with Eyeliner featured over on recently as an example.

Now I’m not sure why you would wear a pancake helmet, that said I am not a Pipeliner, nor have I worked in a pipe shop. But for me, the bottom line is you can’t deck it out with a fancy paint job (like mine) or even add your favorite decals on a pancake helmet!

Seriously, at Arc-Zone, we carry the Miller welding helmets and the Jackson and Huntsman line.  AND if you’re really lucky, you can win a helmet kustomized by Pete ‘Hot Dog’ Finlan–when I commissioned him to paint mine, I had him do an extra.

Custom helmet
The welding helmet on the left is mine… the one on the right could be yours!

If you want to put your name in to win that Kustom Helmet, you can enter online–>

We’re also giving away a Monster TIG welding Nozzle Kit, but you need to be on our Facebook page where you can tell us the craziest, funniest thing that ever happened to you while welding…   If your story is popular you could win that Monster Nozzle!


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