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Skyway-SAS-Looking-West (1)One of the things we liked to say in the welding industry:  “It’s recession proof… when the economy is good, it’s all about producing product, but when it’s bad, there’s always infrastructure and repair work.”  But as my granddad always taught me, the only thing you can count on is change.  And our economy is constantly changing, along with the rules of the game.

I remember being shocked when I read this story about a bridge made in China, and shipped to the U.S. From the article:  “The assembly work in California, and the pouring of the concrete road surface, will be done by Americans. But construction of the bridge decks and the materials that went into them are a Made in China affair. California officials say the state saved hundreds of millions of dollars by turning to China.”

You can read all about it over at the New York Times, “Bridge Comes to San Francisco with Made n China Label.”  (by David Barboza, June 25, 2011)

Politics aside (if that is possible) constructing modules and transporting these massive pieces of bridge across the Pacific is pretty amazing from an engineering standpoint.  You can stay up to date on the progress, and watch some video of the crews at work on the Bay Bridge website.

So while we’ve been celebrating American ingenuity this month here on the JoeWelder blog, we also have to be realistic (we are a pragmatic bunch).  Sometimes you just can’t find Made in the USA.  

So keep in mind that not all manufacturers are created equal, which is why it’s important to buy from a quality suppliers. (like -hint hint).  Our products come from around the world, where ever we find the quality TIG, MIG and Plasma Arc Welding accessories our customers need.  

For example, we could sell you TIG torches that are cheaper than the ones in our store.  But there’s a reason why some “Weldcraft style” torches are cheaper than actual Weldcraft torches. We wrote a whole post, “TIG Torch Materials, What’s the Difference” that explains it all.   We’re especially proud to feature Weldcraft and CK Worldwide TIG torches– two innovators in the welding industry.

It’s also why, for example, in our web store we feature tungsten electrode grinders (hand held and bench top) from the best manufacturers from around the world. And tungsten electrodes for welding from only the most trusted manufacturers.

It’s also why Arc-Zone offers a No Hassle Return Policy….  and we won’t be outsourcing our staff overseas … in fact, we just opened a new retail space. You can come shop in person!  in Carlsbad California!  If you missed it, check out the photos… it really is like no welding showroom you’ve ever seen!



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