Gas Cylinders and Welding Safety

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Welding Cylinder Bottle Caddy for welding safetyWelding safety is always a concern in a manufacturing facility, or even a small shop.  But not just about the hot metal, the welding fumes, or the sharp objects. Those are the obvious welding safety concerns.  But did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Labor, back injuries are the number one workplace safety problem.  And you know, in a welding shop, there’s always something that needs to be lifted and moved.

Arc-Zone Grand Opening of Retail Showroom

Not too long ago when we had our Open House (for our Ultimate Showroom) we asked Scott to move some gas cylinders out of the way.  Now Scott’s a pretty big strong guy (bearded dude in the black shirt, pictured here) and he says “I nearly destroyed myself bear-hugging and lifting them onto a cart.”  Sound familiar?

Well for one of our customers, a manufacturer from Pomona, it was familiar enough, and caused him concern for the safety of his crew.  He developed this truly innovative cart that makes moving welding gas cylinders easy.  And he even brought one down to our Open House!  So now we’re selling them.

They are rugged, with sturdy wheels, and the innovative design makes it easy to load a cylinder, and unload a cylinder onto a welding cart.

Welding Cylinder Caddy for welding safety

Lucky for Scott the next time we needed those carts moved, we had one of these caddies on hand.  “It’s sooooo easy to use, ANYONE can move one of these cylinders!” he says.

So remember, welding safety isn’t just about helmets and goggles and protective clothing, it’s about taking care of your back too. Here’s a link to the OSHA Fact Sheet on back safety to get you started on your company plan to minimize back injuries.



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