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One of the great things about my job at Arc-Zone is that I can take the time to visit customers to learn about what new and interesting things they are doing, and see how we can help them improve their welding operations and lower costs. Recently I visited one of our large manufacturing customers who is looking into some kind of welding automation system.

Nice welds!

With the exception of a couple of components, they build everything in house, and ship around the world.  And business is good.

Why a scalable welding automation solution?

In order for them to keep up with demand, and keep their costs under control I suggested Improvements to their manual or hand-held TIG welding operations. Bottom line is they were using off the shelf generic parts from a local gas supplier.

To help them improve weld-quality and consistency, we are converting them over to our new Pro Series TIG and Plasma Arc Welding products. The Arc-Zone Pro Series™ line is engineered to be a purpose built torch for the customer’s application and is a Plug-n-Weld™ system designed to save the end user time and money. (more info coming soon– official launch for this product line is slated for November 2013).

We’re also setting them up with our DIY “Do It Yourself” scalable welding automation system — with a Cold-Wire Feed machine mounted TIG torch.

The Arc-Zone DIY kits are a lower cost solution to a “turn-key” welding automation machine that a typical systems integrator would build. Additionally, the DIY kits are scalable so you can start with the basics, and build it as your workload and budget grow.

Arc-Zone's DIY Welding Automation Kits


The Cold Wire Feed option is a way to semi-automate your manual TIG welding application. There are several advantages to this “first step” welding automation solution including lowering wire costs when compared to cut-length TIG rod.

Cold Wire Feeder for semi-automated TIG Welding

Cold wire feed machines use a “spool” of wire instead of individual rods, saving you time and money. Beyond that, when using spooled wire you eliminate the “Stub-loss” associated with cut-length TIG rod.


Add that with the ability to semi-automate the TIG process and you can build a more reliable and consistent TIG welding workstation for repeatable and consistent welds.

This upgrade will be a multi-step process to welding automation as they have a couple of facilities, and multiple manual, semi-automatic and robotic welding stations. The good news is they can take advantage of  our Arc-Zone exclusive Cash In & Trade Up™.

The Arc-Zone Cash-In & Trade-Up Program™ gives you a trade-in credit for your used welding equipment. It is a cost effective way to upgrade to the latest technology, engineered to improve welding quality, lower rejects and improve operator safety.

Contact us today with your wish list and your trade-ins. We’ll evaluate them,  make you an offer, and apply the credit toward your new purchases.
Don’t wait for your equipment to become obsolete. Trade-in your old equipment to help finance part of your upgrades, and start benefiting from improved performance and safety!


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