TIG Torch Gas Hose Emergency

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It was after 5 p.m. in the Arc-Zone.com offices when a call came in from Dov, a new customer from an innovative start-up energy company in the Bay Area.  They are building a revolutionary energy device — but the cool thing is you still need a machine shop and welder!

WP20 Weldcraft TIG TorchDov had just placed an order and when he read the email confirmation–that orders would ship in 1-2 days– he was concerned.  He needed a replacement gas hose for his Weldcraft WP-20 TIG Torch right away!

Note:  the WP-20 is the best selling water-cooled TIG  torch (pictured here)  It is lightweight but powerful for a wide range of general welding applications.

25' Rubber gas hose for WP-20 TIG torchI checked on his order and noted that he had ordered a water hose for a TIG Torch, which I confirmed over the phone… thankfully.  He had ordered the wrong part!  He needed a gas hose.

This is why we check and confirm every order.  If you ever have any questions about your confirmation or concerns about your order, give us a call!

Arc-Zone stocks more replacement parts than most welding supply stores for your  Weldcraft TIG torches and CK Worldwide TIG torches.  Our awesome customer care team members will make sure you get the right part for your torch and for your welding application.



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