TIG Torch Roundup

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To close out our TIG Torch Madness month, I thought I’d share the best articles we’ve written about TIG Torches over the years.

TIG Torches

Wondering which TIG Torch to buy?

Start with a quality manufacturer.  A quality TIG torch will last longer, and perform better for a quality weld.  This article, “TIG Torch materials: What’s the Difference” explains why.  And this article, “What makes one TIG torch better than another” explains why I’m so vehement about the subject.  They are not just “parts”.  Arc-Zone delivers highly engineered welding tools and accessories to fabricators who value quality as much as we do.  (That’s why we proudly offer CK Worldwide TIG torches and Weldcraft TIG torches in our store.)

Hooking up your TIG Torch

Once you’ve selected the proper torch for your welding application, make sure you know how to hook it up to your machine.  Believe it or not, it’s easy to confuse the water in with the water out hoses on  your water-cooled TIG torch.  “Easy Hook-ups: Quick Tips for Connecting Your TIG  Torch” will make sure you ready to Weld Like A PRO!

Which Tungsten is Best for your TIG Torch

Don’t know which brand to buy? what type of tungsten will work with your welding machine and for your application?  Why choose one brand over another?  “Tungsten Electrodes:  What’s the difference?”  explains some of the problems we’ve seen in the industry from inconsistent diameter to poor performance–it’s why we check every box of tungsten that comes through the Arc-Zone warehouse.

We also most often recommend ArcTime tungsten electrodes. It performs well on all metals and with all machines.

And of course, if you need some expert consultation on your next purchase, give our Arc-Zone.com technical team a call:  800-944-2243 (Toll Free) or 760-931-1500 (world wide).



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