CK Worldwide TIG Torches are Made in the USA

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CKLOGOWhile CK Worldwide is in fact recognized around the world as an innovator in the welding industry, CK’s products are made right here, in the U.S.A., in the Pacific Northwest.   It’s been a family-owned business since the mid seventies and they are strictly focused on TIG welding equipment.  That type of focus is not common in our industry, and I think there is value there for the end user!

Much of their innovation comes from their experience in the aerospace industry where attention to detail and top quality tools are imperative.

CK Worldwide amperage control for TIG Welding TorchesWay back in the day (when we first started out) we carried  CK’s amperage controls for TIG torches. We were not only impressed with the “north/south” control, but with the low profile, and the fact that the control can be strapped on to any TIG torch, from Miller to Lincoln, ESAB to Thermal Arc, and even Powcon, L-tec, Airco, and Panosonic.

Flex-Loc TIG Welding torch from CKThen we got to know CK’s TIG Torches, where we found not only solid TIG torches to get the (welding) job done, we found innovation, especially in the Flex-Loc TIG Torches– the ultimate in versatilityThe 360 degree rotating head is perfect for out of position welds, and the locking design of the head means that it will outlast traditional flex neck torches. The air-cooled Flex-Loc and the water-cooled Flex-Loc torches can be outfitted with nearly any combination of front-end parts, from high amperage flooding cups, to low profile stubby parts.

CK Worldwide Turbo Sharp X tungsten electrode grinderOther favorite CK Worldwide products include the professional grade, hand-held Turbo Sharp X Tungsten Grinder. It’s rugged and the motor is robust enough to handle tungsten electrodes from 0.040″ (1.0 mm) to 1/4″ (6.4 mm) with the “red head” attachment.

Last but not least, we really like the totally tricked out Gas Saver Nozzle Kits with its Pyrex nozzle, a welding accessory popular with our Arc-Zone PRO Partners (who, by the way, you’ll be meeting here on this blog soon).

At Arc-Zone we’ve gone the extra step and made a PRO kit featuring the Gas Save Nozzle and all the TIG Torch accessories you’ll need to WELD LIKE  A PRO!

CK also offers tungsten electrodes, flexible purge chambers, cold wire feed units, and more. If there is a specific CK product you want, or you need help figuring out which CK Worldwide TIG Welding torch is right for you– call Arc-Zone’s technical support team (Toll free US:  800-944-2243 or Worldwide: 760-931-1500)  or drop by our Ultimate Welding Showroom at, Inc., 2091 Las Palmas Drive Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92011.



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