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BSX Xtreme MIG welding glove from Revco!As summer winds down, and Labor Day approaches, we at Arc-Zone always think of Back to School.    If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably first sign up for basic MIG and Stick welding classes, so you won’t need anything fancy. And you won’t want to invest a lot money if you’re not even sure if you like welding. With these recommended personal protection equipment (PPE) products, you’ll protect yourself without dropping a lot of coin:  We recommend some basic personal protection equipment (PPE) such as welding gloves, a jacket, a helmet, and a respirator.

Your welding gloves should fit well for optimal dexterity.  One of our favorites is the Revco BSX Xtreme Stick/ MIG glove.  It’s constructed with top quality thin cut kidskin leather, with pig skin palms for the best in protection and the ultimate in flexibility.  And be sure to save your welding gloves for welding and use more rugged metal worker gloves for your prep and finish work. 

BSK Striker Welding JacketYou may also want to get a decent welding jacket to protect yourself from sparks…  BSX also offers a durable and stylish welding jacket that is reasonably priced.

BSX welding sleevesIf a jacket is more than you want to put on–it is still summer after all–check out the flame resistant welding sleeves.  We especially like the BSX welding sleeves.

Because, well. Check out the flames!

We’ve talked about welding helmets before on this website, but usually we recommend the Miller Digital Elite, a top-of-the-line auto-darkening helmet.  But three hundred plus dollars is a lot to invest when you’re a newbie.  Better to start with a basic “passive” welding helmet that will protect your eyes.  The Miller helmet is comfortable, and offers plenty of protection. If you really think you’ll need an auto-darkening helmet, the Miller Performance Series auto-darkening welding helmet is a great starter helmet.

half-mask respirator for weldingLast but not least is the half mask respirator we’re so excited about (and we’ve written about extensively here).  It’s such an inexpensive way to keep your lungs healthy. Arc-Zone’s Joanie won’t weld without one!



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