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One of the things we like about the BuildPro welding tables are the fixturing kits you can buy– bundled accessories for a variety of welding projects.

The Basic Accessory Kit is a good place to start (after you get your BuildPro table, of course).

If you want to see more examples of the BuildPro table in action, check out the StrongHand Tools YouTube channel for a selection of application videos to help you fixture more efficiently for welding and fabrication. Their welding clamps and tables are designed to help you save time in your work, so you can increase productivity, and reduce scrap and project lead times.

The BuildPro system is a big investment, but keep in mind that this is a solid welding table that’s modular so you can expand to meet your company’s growing needs.  

The table has evenly spaced holes drilled into the top for attaching, and lining up, the clamps and fixtures so you can get the perfect angle every time!  The accessory and fixturing kits not only minimize your set up time, they make your set up easy to repeat, minimizing variables for repeat jobs.  In other words, this welding table becomes a valued member of your team!

FixturePoint Welding Table
FixturePoint Welding Table

Now if the BuildPro table is beyond your current budget, check out the portable Nomad welding table or the Fixture Point welding table.

Again, solid fabrication from our friends at StrongHand Tools, and with accessory tools for setting your welding table for  your welding job.

If you need help selecting right kit for your BuildPro welding table, or need to place an order, give our Arc-Zone Customer Care team a call.  We’ll get your table set in no time!



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