TIG Torch Spotlight: CK 230 from CK Worldwide

The small but MIGHTY TIG Torch for demanding TIG welding jobs

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CK-230 TIG torch packageWhy the CK 230 Should be Your Next TIG Torch

If you’re looking for a small but super powerful TIG welding torch, you’ll want to check out this torch from CK Worldwide–engineered for the most demanding TIG welding jobs:

  • Super powerful:  300 amp ACHF or DCSP at 100%
  • Efficient:  water-cooled torch
  • Small and light:  Torch Length:  8-1/4 in (20.9 cm), Torch body weight:  3-3/4 oz (106 gm)
  • Versatile: Great TIG torch for 80% of all general purpose TIG welding applications, including heavy-duty applications where torch control is critical
  • Universal:  the CK-230 uses the “2” Series head components (compatible with 9, 20, 280, & CS310 Parts).

The CK 230 , like the Weldcraft Crafter Series and the WeldTec Speedway, is basically an update to the popular WP-20.  While the Crafter series was the first to raise the bar on both performance and comfort, CK then introduced the 230 TIG torch and WeldTec to build the Speedway.

With the CK 230 torch comes a more efficient power cable and better water-cooling in the torch head. The cable is more efficient because there is better cooling capacity (more water around the conductor lead) and a larger conductor lead for improved energy transfer to the TIG torch.

The CK 230 TIG torch is similar in performance to other manufacturers, but much more affordable.  AND the best part is if you get your torch as part of an Arc-Zone PRO torch package during in the month of February it comes with a 10% discount attached.

The Arc-Zone TIG torch PRO package extrasArc-Zone’s PRO packages are “weld-ready” right out of the box.  The TIG torch comes with 3/32″ front end parts– with the gas lens set up and precision ground (at the most universal 22 degree angle) non-radioactive, hybrid tungsten electrode  installed!   You can select your cable length:  12.5′ or 25′ and we not only include a cable cover, we install that too!  And to top it off, your PRO package will include a spare alumina nozzle, a TIG calculator, and a shield gas flow tester so you’ll always know your flow at the TIG torch head!

And our signature bag of M&Ms as always.

Here are your options:

Flex Head CK-230 TIG torch PRO package

Flex Head (with a gas valve) CK-230 TIG torch PRO package 

Rigid (at a 70 degree angle) Head CK-230 TIG torch PRO package 

Rigid (at a 70 degree angle) Head (with a gas valve) CK-230 TIG torch PRO package 

Get your order in today, and/ or give our customer care folks a call at 760-931-1500 (world wide).


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