Weld-Shop Owner Makes Pivotal Investment

Take your weld shop to the next level by adding a semi-automated weld positioner!

Wes Mishler, AKA, @wicked_welding, just purchased a WP-250 Welding Positioner for his new weld-shop. He’s shared excellent info on how he put the dynamic WP-250 to the test.

“Just stepped up the welding game here at the shop! New WP-250 welding positioner just unloaded off the truck. Ordered this puppy from @arc_zone Thursday and here it sits! Very impressed so for with the way this is built. I also ordered a 3 jaw lathe style chuck and that will be here tomorrow.. Then let the fun begin! Thanks @joaniebutler for putting me on the right track with this beast and getting it to me very quickly!

The WP-250 Welding Positioner is a powerful solution for consistent holding and rotating of parts in any welding workstation. Provides manual tilt adjustment, high frequency protection, and a heavy-duty foot control switch. “It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. The welds I lay down now with this unit are fabulous.” -Recent product review on Arc-Zone


  • Rotation Speed: 0 To 5.5 RPM

  • 230v, EU Model Also Available

  • FREE Shipping Within Continental U.S.

  • Delivered To Your Doorstep Within 5 Business Days

  • Click Here For More Product Details On The WP-250 Welding Positioner


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