What’s All the Buzz about Monster™ TIG Cups?

Read this to see why you should choose Monster Nozzles as your next TIG welding cup.

Q:  Why have flooding cups caught the attention of TIG welders across the globe?

A:  Better shield gas coverage!  Monster™ Nozzles, range in orifice diameters from #10 = 5/8″ (15.mm) to #24 = 1-1/2″ (38mm).  The nozzles are engineered to improve gas flow dynamics by using an integral gas diffuser in conjunction with a gas lens collet body.  Monster™ nozzles improve shield gas coverage and reduce atmosphere contamination of the weld puddle for consistent and repeatable weld quality.

Q:  Are they really worth the extra coin?

A: It depends on the job and the users skill set. For technical jobs that need to pass X-ray testing or other critical procedures, the Monster™ Nozzle is the best choice.

The Proof is in the Puddle™

Below is a comparison of Arc-Zone’s Monster™ Nozzle vs. a standard #8 TIG cup with a gas lens collet body. The ArcTime™ tungsten, amperage, gas flow, torch angle, pulse setting, and tungsten stick-out were set exactly the same on each weld.

monster nozzle for TIG welding

Monster™ Gas Nozzles deliver a large umbrella of shielding gas for consistent TIG weld-quality, and reduced post-weld clean up caused by oxidation and weld discoloration.

  • Adaptive: Change tungsten electrode stick-out to optimize for virtually any TIG welding application.
  • Consistent: Maintain optimal, quality welds on stainless steel, titanium and other alloys.
  • Economical: Value-priced alternative to purge chambers, trail cups, and other purge welding devices.
  • Practical: Fits all popular TIG torches.

Q:  What else is HOT?

A:  A range of Monster™ Nozzles should be in every metal fabricators tool kit. Here are a few more accessories that you may want to add to your quiver: 

  • Large Diameter Gas Saver Kit:  For those welding with high heat & using AC current, we’d suggest a Large Diameter Gas Saver kit. The DX kit will provide everything, including a spare large diameter alumina cup.
  • Arc-Time Hybrid Tungsten:  Premium Hybrid Non-Radioactive tungsten electrodes. State-of-the-Art  formula improves weld quality, delivers longer electrode tip life, superior arc stability and current continuity. Manufactured to the highest standards with multiple concentrates of high-quality rare earth oxides expertly blended to maximize arc density. Ideal for all current ranges on both AC / DC TIG and PAW machines.
    ArcTime The best non-radioactive replacement for 2% Thoriated (red tip) tungsten.

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