Welding Fix Of The Day: Inspecting TIG Welding Water Hoses

Even if you don’t beat the crap out of your welding machine, it’s important to do periodic maintenance to ensure all of its components work properly.

My trusty Miller 180SD TIG machine started leaking coolant out of the torch hose to the water-cooler. Anyone else have a TIG welding water hose suddenly start leaking when not in use for a while?

This machine does not see much service & the leak was not caused by overheating or lack of coolant flow. This is a good example of doing periodic maintenance to insure your rig is ready to rock when you need it!

The torch is equipped with “SuperFlex” TIG welding hoses, but they don’t last forever & should be inspected every few weeks to check for any sings of moisture in the braiding material that covers the rubber tubing.

If you feel dampness, replace the hoses promptly!


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