Welding Fix Of The Day: Micro TIG Torch

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Try a Micro TIG Torch for help with those tough, tight jobs.

Micro TIG Torch

Let’s get small… You know that time when you wished you had a “micro” TIG torch for the roll cage headliner tie-in, that cylinder head repair, those hard to reach merge collectors & the list goes on!

Here’s the solution. Choose from the Weldcraft/Miller W125 (formerly MT125) 125 amp water-cooled micro TIG torch 3.5″ & 5″ body length, or the CK MR-70, air-cooled 70 amp, or MR-140, water-cooled 140 amp micro TIG torch. Each torch is available with 45, 90 & 180 degree front end parts. Note: the CK product is complete with front end parts, making it less expensive to get started, plus the replacement parts are less expensive making the cost of ownership friendlier for your wallet check them out over at www.arc-zone.com.

We stock everything you need to get small… & we service what we sell.

Good Welding!


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