Good Ground = Good Weld

Learn how to inspect and repair your ground cables to ensure consistent welds.

The Importance of a Good Ground or Work Lead Connection

Do you want snappy arc starts and all the power your welding machine was designed to deliver? Then you need a good ground!

It’s proven that a good work lead (ground) connection is vital to consistent high-quality welds. Inspecting your Ground or “Work Cable” should be part of your regular maintenance programs, like flushing your TIG torch coolant lines & replacing the coolant in your water cooler storage tank once a year. . . (more on this later).

Fraying cable ends result in poor current transfer
Low cost steel work clamps generate resistance and run hot.

If your ground clamp runs warm, or shows signs of discoloration inspect the cable & connections for wear. If you see copper wires starting to fray at the connections, repair or replace them. This basic maintenance will insure consistent arc starting & long, trouble free welding performance.

Quality cable materials and attention to detail in assembly make a huge difference in welding performance

Steel clamps suck! (power out of your machine)

Choose high-quality copper clamps & cables! I strongly suggest using the UltraFlex cable from Direct Wire. It’s made in the U.S.A. with a super high-quality rope-lay copper cable, with a extra flexible overjacket. Regardless of what style clamp you choose, be sure it’s made of copper & the cable material is free from fraying or cuts in the insulation jacket. Also, check the connections often.

Double crimp done with Lenco HD crimper from
Lenco HD crimping tool available at
Quality copper eyelet connection with heat shrink insulation to guard against arc outs caused by touching other connections etc.

Ground Like a Pro

DROPPING SOON! Our exclusive JWS Pro Grounding Kits – Choose from a high-performance 12.5’ (3.8m) -or- 25’ (7.6m) Work Lead w/quick-change connector & a variety of “Shorty” Whip Leads with best of breed mechanical & magnetic ground clamps – you “build” the perfect kit by mixing & matching clamps based on your application & budget!

Shown here is our exclusive JWS Pro Grounding Kit – A shorty whip lead w/ croc-jaw copper clamp, male twist-lock Lenco cable connector & 25′ (7.6m) work lead w/ female Lenco connector. Arc-Zone offers a variety of copper clamps, magnetic clamps & amperage ranges to choose from.
Clean install with high-quality made in USA cable, cable connectors and work clamps. Get the power your machine was designed to deliver with a quality work cable!

Visit or contact our customer care team toll free at 1-760-931-1500 or email to learn more!!


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