Selecting the Right Tungsten Electrode

How to select the right tungsten for your welding application

Whether you’re doing PAW (plasma arc welding), or TIG/GTAW (gas tungsten arc) welding, there’s a lot of confusion about what kind of tungsten to use.

At we’ve put together a guide to the various blends of tungsten electrodes for welding:

These days most of the inverter welding machine manufacturers are recommending the Ceriated (Orange) or Lanthanated (Gold) as good performing alternatives to the 2% Thoriated (radioactive) tungsten electrodes. Arc-Zone offers a great selection of tungsten electrodes, including the ArcTime(TM) all purpose tungsten electrode. This is one tungsten electrode that will make you throw away all the rest. In fact, if you’re like Arc-Zone’s other customers, you’ll call us up to sing its praises.

Arc-Zone also carries the new Miller Premium Tungsten Electrodes including the “Rare Earth” blend– it was put through some rigorous tests in the Miller TIG welding Lab and came out on top.


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