Upgrade Your TIG Welding Machine

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Even if you have a TIG Welding Machine with a large (50mm) gas-thru-the-Dinse connector you can hook up a smaller, lighter more powerful water-cooled TIG welding torch…

Weldcraft Q5WGT from Arc-Zone.comThe Q5WGT connector is designed for welding power sources in which the Gas Flows Through the Power Source and Connector. The Q5WGT is designed to spilt the gas off into a “side hose” (black in color) which connects to the “gas in” hose on the TIG torch. You will need one each female-to-female 5/8″ x 18 RH thread “B” style gas adapter (AW-430) to couple the two hoses. This completes the shield gas supply from the gas cylinder, through the flow meter, through the TIG welding power source to the Q5WGT Dinse adapter to the TIG torch.

The water from your water-cooler or tap is directed through the inlet hose on the TIG torch which has a 5/8” x 18 LH thread nut. The cooling water travels through the torch head and down the power cable into the Q5WGT connector and out the side water return hose (Red in color) which is the warm water return to the water cooler or drain.

Depending on the type and location of the cooler/tap you may be able to connect the “cool water” in, and the “warm water” return hoses directly to the cooler. Alternatively, you may need additional hoses to make up the distance to the cooling equipment. In either case you will need two each 40V76 water hoses and two each female-to-female 5/8” x 18 LH thread “B” style water adapters (AW-431) to couple the water in, and water return hoses.

Note: some of the more popular welding machines with the large gas thru connection include: Lincoln Invertec V160-T, the Lincoln Invertec V205T, Lincoln Precision TIG 185, Lincoln Precision TIG 225, Miller Econo TIG, Miller Syncrowave 180, Miller Syncrowave 200SD, Hobart TIGMate, and the Hobart 150STi.

For more info, check out CarmenElectrode’s blog post, “Hooking Up Your Water Cooler to your TIG Welder” or give us a call (800-944-2243 toll free US or 760-931-1500 worldwide) and we’ll hook you up!


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