10 Great Gifts for Welders for Under $50

From stocking stuffers to Gas Savings TIG torch kits, these are the product that’re perfect for the metal fabricator in your life

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Welders

Arc-Zone has some not-so-expensive gifts for welders, some small enough to fit in your favorite welder’s stocking!

ArcTime All Purpose Hybrid Tungsten ElectrodesArcTime All Purpose Hybrid tungsten electrodes

Our ArcTime Tungsten for TIG welding is one of our best sellers. No matter what kind of material you’re welding, and no matter what kind of machine you’re using, this tungsten is the best.

ArcTime™ brand electrodes are packaged in our exclusive clear plastic tubes with black vinyl removable cap and includes our trademark “wood strip” to minimize moisture contamination and prolong electrode storage life.

Arc-Zone.com’s® High-Quality ArcTime™ brand tungsten electrodes meet or exceed ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards.

MIG Gun holder with accessory plate

MIG Gun Holder
Place this MIG torch holder at any point on your welding table–it’s strong and has a magnetic base.  It’s fully enclosed base makes clean up of metal fuzz a breeze. And check it out:  the handy accessory plate features a slot for MIG Pliers and a nozzle gel canister.

The MIG gun holder may not fit in a stocking, but it sure is a handy tool for a MIG welder!

Half Mask Respirator

Half Mask Respirator for Welding SafetyMost everyone knows about welding helmets, proper welding apparel, and welding gloves for safety, but respiratory safety while welding is often overlooked.  On of our favorite pieces of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) on the market is the Half Mask Respirator. It’s inexpensive and easy to use–fits right under your helmet to keep your lungs safe!

The MONSTER(TM) Nozzle

Another customer favorite, The MONSTER(TM) Nozzle for TIG Welding.  It’s not just the cool name that makes this welding nozzle popular with master fabricators, it’s the fact that it is engineered to deliver cohesive gas flow over the weld zone to improve cooling and minimize turbulence and oxygen contamination.  In other words:  Awesome Welds!  This nozzle is especially useful for welding metals like stainless steel and titanium.  

The Monster TIG Nozzle is available for the 17, 18, 26, and CK 3 Series TIG torches, and also available for the 9, 20, and CK 2 Series TIG torches.

The Ground Hog Clamp

Ground Hog Clamp

Clamps always come in handy, and the Ground Hog Clamp for welding is rated up to 530 AMPS @ 60% duty cycle (with 3/0 cable).

The groove design on the copperhead seals out weld spatter and reduces particle buildup.  With the side screw you’ll get a secure cable connection and the body rotates for cable positioning.

TIG Welding Wire container

TIG Rod HolderRod Guard® Canisters & Accessories are a great way to store  36″ (0.9m) flux-coated bronze or brazing rod and TIG filler-metals. The containers are rugged with a 0.100″ (2.54mm) nominal wall thickness for durability, and they hold 10 lbs (4.5kg) of cut-length welding wire.

Each Rod Guard® Canister is certified chloride-free and features a threaded cap with long-lasting neoprene seal to keep electrodes airtight – preventing them from being contaminated with atmospheric moisture. 

Stainless Steel Scratch brush

A welder can never have too many scratch brushes and this small stainless steel scratch brush is great because of the curved, laminated handle that makes them comfortable to hold.  (Sometimes it really is the small things in life).  Arc-Zone also carries a large stainless steel scratch brush, and a brass scratch brush for a variety of welding clean up needs.

Hand Rest Glide

Hand Rest Guide for Welding

The Hand Rest glides smoothly on cut-to-length angle iron (not included) allowing you to steady your wrist.

Reduce hand and shoulder stress and fatigue. Safely keep your hand and arm elevated.

The plate also swivels 360° on the base for support in a full arc.

Tungsten Electrode Stickout gauge for TIG Welding

Accurately measure tungsten stick-out in 1/16″ (1.6mm) Increments up to 1″ (25.4mm). Consistently!

The Stickout gauge is made of CNC machined brass with knurled locking sleeve and includes a key ring holder so you’ll always have it with you!

The CK-TG1 TIG Torch Tungsten Stick-Out Gauge measures tungsten stick-out on all industry standard TIG/GTAW/Heliarc torches.

The Gift Card!

And if you really can’t decide, there’s always the Arc-Zone Gift Card!

Arc-Zone Holiday Gift Cards For Welders



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