High Purity Welding Products

This is the list of items you need for high purity welding.

High Purity welding applications such as aircraft, aerospace, food, beverage, process piping, medical device, automotive, and construction, require specialty precision tools to meet the demands of the modern metal fabrication marketplace. Arc-Zone is the world’s leading supplier of high purity welding accessory products, and we’re pulling the curtain back to share a mashup of our top selling HIGH PURITY welding solutions.

Complete Purge Baffle Kits
Complete Purge Baffle Kits

Purge baffle kits allow you to quickly and cost effectively purge the area immediately on both sides of the weld, displacing the atmosphere with purge gas for high purity, x-ray quality welds.

Nylon Purge Plug Kit
Nylon Purge Plug Kit

Complete purge plug kit includes a full range of nylon purge plugs designed to plug pipe and tube sizes ranging from 1/2″ (13mm) – 4″ (101.6mm).

Weld Prep Made Easy with EZ Wipes
Weld Prep Made Easy with EZ Wipes™

Remove contaminants without acetone or harmful solvents to achieve the purest welds.

Oxygen Monitors For High Purity Welding
Oxygen Monitors For High Purity Welding

Choose from portable, low-cost hand-held models, to precision high accuracy models that monitor oxygen levels down to the 1 part per million (ppm) level.

Monster15™ Gas Nozzles
Monster #15 Kits

Monster15™ Gas Nozzles deliver a large umbrella of shield gas coverage in challenging environments, including thick plate, pipe, and cap welds.

Heat Resistant Aluminum Weld Backing Tape
Heat Resistant Aluminum Weld Backing Tapes

Improve weld-quality with malleable aluminum weld backing tape that conforms to complex & uneven surfaces ideal for thin sheet, tube and pipe purging applications.

Water Soluble Purge Paper In Sheets & Rolls
Water Soluble Purge Paper In Sheets & Rolls

High-quality dissolving cellulose purge paper in rolls and sheets so you can easily create the purge dam that is right for your application.

Water Soluble Purge Paper Dams
Water Soluble Purge Paper Dams, Cut-to-Size & Self-Adhesive

EZ Purge™ paper is precut and pre-formed to fit your pipe, with the adhesive already applied. Take the guesswork out of preparing your purge dams and create a water soluble purge dam in minutes.


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