Welding Projects for Kids and Beginners

This one goes out to all the parents trying to keep their kids busy during summer vacation! We found some super fun welding projects perfect for the little ones.

And since 99% of all welding gear is sized for adults, we chose a couple products that are sure to fit on smaller heads.

Whether the kids are out of school for summer, winter or spring break, we found some awesome welding projects to keep them busy. Plus, it’s a good way to bond with them before they turn into raging hormonal monsters who think you don’t understand anything they’re going through. Come to think of it, these projects might be a good way for your teenagers to relieve a little stress while also learning a skill that could potentially land them the career of a lifetime.

Without further ado, Arc-Zone® presents simple welding projects for kids, beginner welders and people who are bored or want to brush up on their basic welding skills.

Little Projects = BIG Fun

Check out these simple projects to keep you and your kids entertained throughout the summer:


Welding Practice on a Nameplate

Let the kids spell their names by TIG, MIG or Stick welding, or Plasma cutting a piece of scrap metal. This will teach them how to properly hold and get used to the movement of their torch.

Horseshoe Art

Decorative, Handmade Horseshoe Art

There are plenty of things you can create with horseshoes. Lettering, coat hangers, everlasting pumpkins, the list goes on. You can easily google “Horseshoe Art” for a variety of step-by-step projects.

Scrap Metal Art

Simple Scrap Metal Art for Kids and Beginners

The fun thing about art is it can be created any which way. Why stick to one medium when there’s always scrap metal lying around? Let your kid’s imagination run wild and have them design a sculpture out of all the material you have leftover from previous builds.

Containers (vase, pencil holder, etc.)

Handmade Pencil Holder

While horseshoe and scrap metal art are on the rustic side, building something like a container will show the little ones how to fit and measure for more precise welding.

Welding Apparel for the Wittle Ones

When it comes to metal fabrication, there are a lot of factors that might intimidate the kiddos. The sparks are flying, temperatures rising and sounds become boisterous.

To protect their ears from potential hearing damage, we highly recommend Foam Ear Plugs. These foam ear plugs are malleable which means they’ll conform to any ear size. Plus, they come in a convenient 5 pair pack so there’s enough for multiple projects!

Foam Ear Plugs for Protection from Loud Noises in a Weld Shop

Like we said, the sparks will fly! No matter if you’re prepping the metal, grinding or welding, it’s important to always wear eye protectants. Metal shavings can come out of nowhere and it’s not a fun process to pick it out.

With Safety Goggles, your little ones can safely prep and grind their metal before putting on their welding helmet and fabbing up some fun projects!

Safety Goggles for Metal Fabrication

Until Next Time, Metal Fabricators

For more welding tools and accessories, be sure to visit Arc-Zone.com! If you need help choosing the right products for your project, contact our customer care team at 760-931-1500 or email info@arc-zone.com and they’ll set you up with everything you need!!


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