High-Amp TIG Super Cups

Looking for TIG welding cups that can withstand ultra-high temperatures? These Super Cups are just what you need!

High-Amp TIG Super Cups
TIG Welding Cups
High-Amp Gray SuperCups

SuperCups are best for high amperage AC TIG welding aluminum jobs were a balled tungsten & high amperage can spell disaster for Pink Alumina cups. Super Cups are made for high amp, high reflective heat jobs!

Super Cups can take ultra-high temperatures & virtually eliminate thermal shock (when your pink gas nozzle tip blows off, cracks, splits & melts) when exposed to high AC amperage TIG welding.  Now you can run your tungsten flush with the cup orifice & put the power down for those yacht towers, railings, & production aluminum TIG jobs!

High performance Super Cups reduce thermal conductivity (heat transfer) by nearly 40%, when compared to standard Pink Alumina cups. Made from modern advanced materials, these Silicon-Nitride gray cups are oven cured in a pure nitrogen environment to promote a much denser grain structure, for long trouble free performance💥

⚡Arc-Zone Pro Tip:⚡
When welding aluminum you can benefit from using a smaller I.D. cup size like a #4= 1/4″, or #5 = 5/16″. Smaller cup orifice size improves the AC cleaning cycle of your welding machine & helps to focus the arc energy toward the weld joint. Need even more heat / power? Try a mix of 75% Argon 25% Helium to improve shield gas ionization & gain as much as 25% more arc energy which makes for a hotter arc column at a given amperage setting. SuperCups are Available now in our webstore Arc-Zone.com

Pink Cup Thermal Shock Failure
High Amp Aluminum TIG Weld
Aluminum TIG Welding
SuperCups Perform Day-in & Day-out
17, 18, 26 (3 Series) TIG SuperCup
9, 20 (2 Series) TIG SuperCup

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