How Many TIG Torches Do You Need In Your Shop?

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Some say you only need one torch. . . or that “90% of all welding can be done with 5 common torches” (Mr. TIG).

Surfers often have a quiver of boards each tailored for specific conditions – TIG welding is no different! TIG Torches are tools, and any credible mechanic knows that you can’t do everything with just one an adjustable wrench! That’s one reason why Arc-Zone stocks and delivers the most complete line of TIG welding torches available.

WP-125 Micro TIG welding torchWhich torches do you need? Depends on the application, but generally a WP-20 TIG Torch, or a WP-24W are a good start — of course the WP-125 micro torch is always handy to have for restricted space applications (see photo on the left) And, if you’re just starting out, an Arc-Zone PRO Package may be the way to go…

When Jim Watson created the Crafter series line of high-performance TIG torches at Weldcraft some 10 years ago it was to raise the bar within the company and the industry. At that time the Weldcraft sales reps were convinced that we needed to lower prices and compete with the low cost imports that were starting to come in from China. Some even suggested that we buy those parts. After some market research, we created a business plan presented it to the team at the AWS show in 1997. The concept was simple offer a high-performance product line with everything built in – Easy for the distributor, easy for the end user.

We based the Arc-Zone TIG Torch Pro Series on the Weldcraft line and added the latest component technology and accessories to create a turn-key package that would give the end user a Weld-Ready TIG torch package– outfitted for performance — right out of the box. First impressions are everything and when you fire up a Arc-Zone Pro Series TIG torch you get top performance with the first Arc!

Not sure which torch to buy? Call us and talk to one of our TIG welding experts — we will get you dialed in with the right torch adapters and parts so you can start Welding Like a Pro!


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