How Metal Production Affects the Welding Process

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Came across a great informative article over at The Fabricator on different types of metal production.  Very detailed look into how the different ways of steel production can affect the quality of the steel itself, and how that in turn can affect the quality of the weld.  Porosity is a huge problem in welding, as any welder knows all too well.  This article gives you a lot of insight into how porosity can occur when the steel is originally cast.

By Carl Smith

Metal production processes introduce flaws (dimensional and integral discontinuities) and cleaning requirements that affect welding.

Most metals actually are mined as minerals—metal combined with another element. Commonly used metals—not the exotic metals—are combined with nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur. Those combined with oxygen are called oxides. Metals combined with sulfur are called sulfides, and those containing nitrogen are called nitrides. (Some stainless steels are treated with nitrogen to harden the surface.)


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