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Arc-Zone carries a wide variety of remote amperage controls for TIG Welding, and we’ve found there’s a lot of confusion regarding which remote amperage control you need for your Miller welding machine. We have customers ordering the wrong part all the time.

Miller 5 Pin Plug for Remote Amperage ControlOlder Miller machines have what is called a 5-pin plug. This plug is smaller in diameter, and has only 5 pins, all loaded and active. The picture on the left shows that this plug is smaller in diameter than the 14 pin shown below. You’ll find these plugs on our:
popular Hot Foot(TM) Foot pedal for Miller,
the “East/West” or Side-to-Side Rotary motion amp controls for Miller welding machines,
and the “North/South” or In-line Fingertip Amp controls for Miller.

The newer Miller machines utilize a 14-pin plug. You’d think it would be easy to count the pins. If you’re lucky you may have a connector with 14 pins installed– but you’d never know that only 5 of those are “live.”

Miller 14 Pin Plug for Remote Amperage ControlOr, you may have a 14 pin plug connector with only 5 pins installed, though if you look you’ll see that there is room for 14. It may be helpful to note that the there is a size difference with the “5 pin” being significantly smaller (see photos).

Arc-Zone also carries a adapters, extension cords and machine plugs for Hobart, Lincoln, as well as Miller. And if you’re still confused, give us a call.


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