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Arc-Zone Addresses Concern In High Purity Welding Industries

High Purity Welding industries such as aerospace, food processing, aircraft, aerospace, construction, titanium and stainless steel welding, and others require very strict adherence to procedures for a quality finished weld, free of any inclusions etc.  In the case of food processing,  imperfections in the weld zone are places where bacteria can grow and in the case of  aircraft and aerospace applications all welds are strictly controlled and tested to maintain the safety and integrity of the craft itself. Working with a local aerospace parts manufacturer,  Arc-Zone has developed a PRO line of TIG/GTAW torches for the most demanding high purity TIG welding applications.

Vinyl Plastic Hoses

TIG torches are often sold with a vinyl plastic power cable, water and  gas hoses. Vinyl plastic was introduced in the 1940’s as a low-cost, high-quality alternative to bulky and expensive rubber hoses.  The problem with a pure vinyl plastic hose is that it can fail quickly when exposed to direct heat causing the plastic to melt, or to swell up and pop from the heat generated by the torch and the water pressure from the water-cooling system.

Rubber Hoses

Rubber power cables and hoses appeared to be the perfect answer because they are extremely flexible, and are more heat resistant than vinyl plastic. Originally when Weldcraft pioneered their flexible rubber cables, they sourced them from a medical device company that made dental hoses for a dentist drill.   That hose material was a very smooth and consistent, high-quality mandrel built hose. To keep the hose from bursting, Weldcraft requested an over-braided Dacron covering be added to the outside of the hose to increase its burst strength. The problem with rubber hoses in a high purity welding application is that the rubber material can draw moisture from the atmosphere, building up as condensation on the inside of the gas hose. This results in moisture entering the weld zone and contaminating it. This is and issue that creates inconsistencies in the weld, in industries where there is no room for error.

The Solution

Working with the local aerospace manufacturer Arc-Zone did extensive research and created two prototype TIG torch packages using two models of the most popular TIG torch heads, front-end parts, related fittings, couplers and machine connectors from market leading manufacturer’s.  We built these selected components into an integrated torch package using our proprietary non-permeable hoses that are a superior quality, precision hose with consistent inside diameter– and best of all no mold releases, silicone sprays, talc powders or other contaminates are present on the inside of the tube, which is common with rubber hoses.  The result is a hose set that is absolutely clean and moisture free.

The aerospace manufacturer tested the two prototypes and were very impressed with the results, when bench marked against torches from their current suppliers which consisted of three TIG torch brands: Speedway, Radnor and Weldcraft’s new WP-280 series.  Tests were conducted in a welding chamber and on the shop floor.  We are happy to report that we will be replacing all 12 of the current TIG torches with the Arc-Zone HiP-Pro™, High Purity Pro™ TIG Torch Packages!

It is clear that there is a segment of the welding population looking for a high quality, consistent TIG torch package:  The Arc-Zone High Purity Pro™ Series is the Ultimate High-Performance TIG Torch Package.  Assembled by The TIG Welding Experts at Arc-Zone.com®. It’s everything You Need To Optimize Your TIG Welding Application- and Get the Best Quality Welds — Right out of the Box!

We’ll roll out the new High Purity Pro™ TIG Torches in early 2013, but they are available now as a custom build.  Call Arc-Zone’s hotline at 800-944-2243.


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