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Monster TIG NozzleWe love to meet with our customers to learn about what they are doing, and see how we can help them improve their welding operations and lower costs with the right welding accessories for their welding application.  Sometimes it’s as simple as improving the set up of the front end of a TIG / GTAW torch with a Monster(TM) Nozzle for TIG Welding to improve gas coverage and sometimes it’s about introducing a customer to some of the “newer” products on the market like the ArcTime(tm) Hybrid tungsten electrodes made with rare earth additives to improve ignition rate and tip longevity.

The Latest and Greatest Welding Accessories

We know It is difficult for end users to stay up to date on the latest welding accessories. The market is constantly evolving as welding parts manufacturers find ways to make new components or improve existing ones.  That is what differentiates Arc-Zone from your local gas suppliers– that is what we do, we are on the front lines and have lead the industry in offering innovative welding tools and accessories.

Ultima TIG CUT tungsten electrode grinding machine

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know we often recommend a dedicated tungsten grinder for tungsten electrodes.  This is especially important for welding in a high production or automated TIG welding environment, or with a Plasma Arc Welding application where precision is a necessity.  A lot of folks don’t know about the tungsten grinding stations we offer for production level prep of tungsten electrodes:  the ULTIMA TIG-CUT machine (pictured above), the DGP Tungsten Grinding Station, and the TIG 10/175 offering precision cut and grinding for a consistent and repeatable preparation of your tungsten electrodes.

water soluble purge dam for TIG WeldingAnother line of products we find ourselves introducing to our customers are the purge gas welding accessories for welding applications that mandate optimization of shield gas coverage, or when working with pipe systems where you want to isolate the weld area and minimize welding gas consumption.   We have sourced the industry’s widest variety of products from water soluble paper dams to inflatable purge bladders, baffles, pipe plugs and even enclosed purge gas chambers and flooding cups that connect to your TIG/GTAW or PAW torch (pictured below).

Flooding Cup for TIG Torch

So if you know of a new and innovative welding accessory that we don’t carry, I hope you’ll let us know–we pride ourselves on finding what welders need to get the job done!


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