Fabricate Through Heartbreak

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a guest post, from an Arc-Zone.com employee who chooses to remain anonymous….

It’s not you…..

Every guy dreads the phone call, or today the text message, where your girlfriend says “It’s not you, it’s me…” And when that same girlfriend is the one you snagged by taking her for a ride on your motorcycle, every time you look at your bike it will stir up some heart break.

So what do you do now….

You could put the bike in the garage under a tarp and go out with the guys and drink more beer than you need. Or you can take your two passenger bike and make it a solo ride. Granted the beer sounds like a good idea, it doesn’t help the bike situation and you and I know your bike will never say “It’s not you….”

The major parts on your bike that make it tandem are the seat and the foot pegs. So if it is a one piece seat, take it to the upholstery shop and have them cut it down.

Now the fun part, the foot pegs. You’ll probably be able to take the foot peg hardware off pretty easily but the peg mounts that are welded to the bike need to go too.

This is where Joe Welder comes in….

joe-at-workI took my bike out back to the shop, and asked for Joe Welder to give me hand. We coulda pulled out the old hack saw but that would have been messy. And the cutting torch would have required us to take apart the whole bike.

But the grinder was just right, and we could clean up the grind with a polish disc.

Now You Are Back to The One Love in Your Life….

The solo seat and the additional fender exposure will not only make your bike look sleek but also leave you thinking Michelle who?


Cruising down The 101 on your latest fabrication endeavor will get the ladies turning heads, just make sure the next one likes cars.


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